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What is a Trivia Night?


  • A trivia night is a large group event, usually staged to benefit a charitable cause or organization


  • During a trivia night, the MC reads trivia questions split up into different categories The questions are then answered by each team.


  • At the end of each round, each team turns in its answers to the judges who then calculate the scores for each team.


  • Trivia nights are held throughout the US, but are particularly popular in the St. Louis metropolitan area, where upwards of 30 trivia nights occur on any given weekend.
  • What is the cost? $10/person. Ages on a team can be teens on up.
  • How do I get on a team?  You can form one by coordinating with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers – please invite as many guests as   possible! – OR just show up and we’ll place you on a team!  Singles and small groups are just as welcome as full teams of 8! To sign up you can call the church office at 513-598-6734, come on a Sunday and sign up at our info center or follow this link- Trivia Night Online Registration.
  • When is it? Saturday, April 27th. Doors open at 6:00 pm and trivia starts at 6:30 pm.
  • What if I’m bad at trivia?  Then just come and have fun – you may surprise yourself with what you know but if not, make up an answer that will make your teammates laugh!  The point is to have fun and support a good cause!
  • Will there be food or drinks? Short answer is no, but we encourage all the teams to bring any food or drinks(no alcohol) they want and share with members of their team and others!
  • How can I pay for silent auction items? We will accept cash, check or credit card.
Trivia Night Tips
  • You should bring a snack to share with your table.
  • Try to pick an intergenerational team with diverse interests since questions will span many decades of pop culture, history, science, music, sports, TV, movies, current events, and maybe even a Bible category!
  • Bring a paper and pencil to jot down the question and brainstorm. No cell phone use!
  • Bring some cash, your checkbook or credit card for the Silent Auction – local businesses will be donating some cool merch and services to bid on!
  • Pick a fun name for your table.
  • We will be selling mulligans that you can use for answers you don’t know!