The origin of the world and the reality of its current state

Genesis Intro

Genesis 1:1

The Beginning

Genesis 1:2-5

Let there be light!

Genesis 1:6-25

Kinds, Boundaries and Blessing

Genesis 1:26-31

The Image of God

Genesis 2:1-3

The Seventh Day

Genesis 2:4-7

The Breath of God

Genesis 2:8-17

The Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:18-25

Husband and Wife

Genesis 2:25-3:5

The Serpent

Genesis 3:6-13

The Fall

Genesis 3:14-15

The Promise

Genesis 3:16-24

Curses and Provisions

Genesis 4:1-7

Cain and Abel - The Nature of Sin

Genesis 4:8-26

Cain and Abel Pt 2 - The Way of Cain

Genesis 5

The Offspring of the Woman

Genesis 6:1-8

Expectation of Judgment or New Creation

Genesis 6:9-22

Standing Against the Darkness

Genesis 7


Genesis 8:1-19

God Remembers Noah

Genesis 8:20-9:7

Worship and Grace

Genesis 9:8-17

The Rainbow

Genesis 9:18-29

The Curse Remains

Genesis 10:1-11:9

The Growth of the Nations

Genesis 11:10-12:3

God's Blessing to the Nations

Genesis 12:4-20

The Test of Obedience

Genesis 13

The Tale of Two Followers Pt 1

Genesis 14

The Tale of Two Followers Part 2

Genesis 15:1-6

Counted as Righteousness

Genesis 15:7-21

Smoke and Fire

Genesis 16

God Doesn't Need Help

Genesis 17

The Name Change

Genesis 18:1-19

Prepared for the Promise

Genesis 18:16-33

The All Consuming Fire

Genesis 19:1-17


Genesis 19:18-29

Weak Christianity

Genesis 19:29-38

The Gospel Shines into the Darkness

Genesis 20

God's Patience in Preservation

Genesis 21

The Everlasting God is with us!

Genesis 22:1-14

The Lord Provides

Genesis 22:15-23:20

Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Genesis 24

The Pursuit of a Wife

Genesis 25:1-23 - NOT AVAILABLE

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Genesis 25:24-34 - NOT AVAILABLE

Manipulated or Despised

Genesis 26:1-33

Isaac The Son of Abraham

Genesis 26:34-27:29

The Immovable God

Genesis 27:30-28:9

Bitterness Destroys

Genesis 28:10-22

The Stairway to Heaven

Genesis 29:1-30

Jacob finds a wife.... or two

Genesis 29:31-30:24

The Blessing of Unsatisfied Idolatry

Genesis 30:25-31:3

Blemish to Blessing

Genesis 31:4-55

Conflict Management

Genesis 32:1-12

Conflict Management Pt 2

Genesis 32:13-24a

The Sound of Silence

Genesis 32:24-28

Wrestling for the Blessing

Genesis 32:29-32

The Magnificent Defeat

Genesis 33:1-17

Face to Face with Esau

Genesis 33:18-35:4

A Warning and God's Grace to a Family in Sin

Genesis 35

The God of the House of God

Genesis 36:1-37:2a

Two paths you can go by

Genesis 37:2-11

Favoritism, Hatred and Dreams

Genesis 37:12-36

Concealed Providence

Genesis 38

The Scene Changes

Genesis 39

Micro or Macro Pt 1

Genesis 40

Micro or Macro Pt 2

Genesis 41:1-36

A Life Yielded to God

Genesis 41:37-57

From the Pit to the Pinnacle

Genesis 41:50-52

More Than Conquerors

Genesis 42:1-28

The Blessing of a Guilty Conscience

Genesis 42:29-43:14

The Sorrow of an Old Man

Genesis 43:15-44:2

Repentance Tested

Genesis 44:3-34

The Transformation of Repentance

Genesis 45:1-8

God's Salvation Revealed

Genesis 45:9-46:4

The Anticipated Reunion

Genesis 46

Do Not Be Afraid

Genesis 47

Blessing to the Nations

Genesis 48:1-20

What is the True Nature of Blessing?

Genesis 48:21-49:7

The Blessing of Reuben, Simeon, and Levi

Genesis 49:8-12

Blessing to Judah

Genesis 49:13-21, 27

Blessings to the other sons of Israel

Genesis 49:22-26

Blessing to Joseph

Genesis 49:28-50:14

The Death of Jacob - God is at Work - He is Always at Work

Genesis 50:14-18

Understanding Grace

Genesis 50:19-21

The Providence of God

Genesis 50:22-26

Moving Forward