The study of the world's origin and its current state

Genesis Intro

Genesis 1:1

The Beginning

Genesis 1:2-5

Let there be light!

Genesis 1:6-25

Kinds, Boundaries and Blessing

Genesis 1:26-31

The Image of God

Genesis 2:1-3

The Seventh Day

Genesis 2:4-7

The Breath of God

Genesis 2:8-17

The Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:18-25

Husband and Wife

Genesis 2:25-3:5

The Serpent

Genesis 3:6-13

The Fall

Genesis 3:14-15

The Promise

Genesis 3:16-24

Curses and Provisions

Genesis 4:1-7

Cain and Abel - The Nature of Sin

Genesis 4:8-26

Cain and Abel Pt 2 - The Way of Cain